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VR-imaginar's Virtual Reality services

VR-imaginar is the company that will help you with new, innovative and immersive content. We do this by using Virtual Reality. Together we make a plan to help you sell your product in a new way. Suppose your potential client is able to take a look in the home you are selling without being there, or can take a look at the boat you are selling. There are numerous opportunities VR-imaginar can help you with.

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VR-imaginar will take care about Virtual Reality, new and innovative immersive content. We take care of a project from A to Z. We don't just have knowledge about media we also understand multi channel publishing. So we don't leave you behind with fresh new Virtual Reality content, we integrate this with the proper channels.


We design a movie script with you


We consult you on internet solutions.


Need equipment for an event? We can rent it to you.

Creatieve shoots

Need a creative shoot with a drone? No problem, we have the pilots.

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VR Imaginar products

Our poducts deliver a means with which you can update your website with new, innovative and immersive content. Attract new visitors and show off your modern content instead of publishing on Facebook, Twitter and other social media just like the rest. Stand out of the crowd. One thing is for sure, Virtual Reality is here to stay!

Featured VR Gallery

We love to show our work at VR imaginar. We put content in our galery on a regual basis. This content is viewable on smartphones, tablets and offcourse a Virtual Reality headset.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VR-imaginar?

VR-imaginar is a company specialised in Virtual Reality content. We mainly do photography and video.

We also do Virtual Reality websites. Existing content managment sysems do not have the ability to publish Virtual Reality content. We can integrate this new and innovative content for you.

What can VR Imaginar do for my business

VR-imaginar does the following:

- Design a script for video

- Supply all necessary equipment

- Shoot photo's and video on location

- Edit and post production

- Audio production and editing

- Publish the shoot on a custom internet site, or an existing website

-  Supply Virtual reality headsets for presentations or events

- Rent out Virtual Reality headsets

In short we can take care for your Virtual Reality content from A to Z.

Wat heb ik aan Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality exists for a couple of years already. But now, with the recent coming of capable Virtual Reality headsets and raw computing power, Virtual Reality is ready for the consumer.

Virtual reality is not just about viewing content, it is about experiencing content. It's one thing to read a brochure about an exotic holiday, but experiencing it is in a league of it's own. Imagine you can already experience that destination in the comfort of your own home, or at a travel agency.

Virtual Reality has a more than a few applications. Think about travelling, real estate, education, but also storytelling in commercials.

We can not convey the feeling of Virtual Reality on paper, so contact us for an appointment and experience what Virtual Reality can o for you and your business.

Do I need a Virtual Reality headset?

Virtual reality content works best with a headset. It is like you are there and are living an experience.

However, you can view Virtual Reality on most smartphones and tablets. Due to the sensors such devices contain they 'know' where you are looking at and change the image accordingly. So it's fine watching video's and photo material on such devices.

Smartphones have cheap headset solutions, ranging from Google cardboard and derivatives thereof. Those cheap solutions don't hold a candle to the more expensive solutions like the Samsung Gear VR which deliver a premium solution for viewing Virtual Reality content.